PET-MRI Preparation Done

March 17, 2022
Latest company news about PET-MRI Preparation Done

On 17th March We succeed Finishing first PET-MR room installation.

PET-MR as High technical imaging service is always recogonized as important professional ability testing of project team.

Jovi Team made it in 3weeks.

We installed 8mm lead sheet and 0.21mm 600mm copper foil for all walls- six sides of room as main structure.

About PET-MRI window, there are two windows: one is lead glass 40mm-8mmPb lead equivalent, the other is MRI/ RF window, double windows, MRI window is closer to PET-MR machine, lead glass is closer to control room.

About PET-MRI door, it is made of 2 parts- one is lead door, the other is MRI door.Lead door with 8mmPb lead equivalent lead sheet inside is located outside and faced to control room, MRI door is inside and faced to PET-MR machine.

We 'd like to share all details to everyone who works in Medical imaging field.