Free walk-supporting X-ray Protective Suit

July 29, 2022
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1. Introduction

The X-ray protective chamber is composed of a special material and a certain structural relationship to form a human exoskeleton support body. The lead cap, lead mask, lead garment and lead skirt and other protective equipment are installed on the exoskeleton support body, and all its weight is borne by the support body.Inside the exoskeleton, an X-ray shield is formed.

The operator will open the rear door, insert his hands forward into the sleeves, push the door back with his left hand, the door will automatically close, adjust the height suitable for his own height.

It can follow the operator to walk, all kinds of actions are not affected, because of the superior conditions of the support body, the operator does not need to bear the weight, the lead cap, lead clothing, lead skirt thickness thickened to improve the weight of lead, to ensure the safety protection of zero bearing.

Applicable departments: Interventional radiology department, cardiovascular medicine department, brain surgery interventional department, nuclear medicine department, gastroenterology department and X-ray minimally invasive surgery department.




Items No. Description(mm)

Lead Equivalent

(PB mm)

Supporting main structure 304 Stainless steel structure  
Top ventilation lead protective protective cover ∮130 0.5/1
Lead Protective Suit 900mm*650mm/700mm*450mm 0.5/1
Lead Protective apron 750mm*450mm/900mm*650mm 0.5/1
Lead Protective cap 310*260 0.5
Organic lead glass mask 320*220 0.125/0.3
Face mask step-less adjustable bracket 0-90°stop at any angle  
Support basket inside radiation cap 310*260  
Lead Protective collar 420mm*60mm 0.5/1
Lead Protective sleeves ∮500 0.25
Up-Support on the body 500*400  
Damped system 3*280  
Height adjusting switch 200*15  
Linear guideway BGH15CA  
gas spring 220*180*2pcs  
stayguy L1500*2pcs  
Down-Support on the body 700*410  
Lead protective rear door 550*900*2 0.25/0.5
Universal wheels 75*100*4pcs  

3.How to take on and off

A :Step of Taking on

l 1 Lift the mask

l 2 Untie the front of the lead coat and skirt

l 3 Put on the protective clothing sideways with one arm in the sleeve at the same time

l 4 Straighten the body up with the other arm in the sleeve

l 5 Hold the handles with each hand and press the height adjustment handle with the right hand.

l 6 Adjust the right height to make the shoulders touch the support frame. And lock the appropriate height with loosening the right handle.

l 7 Button the front of the lead coat and skirt

l 8 Pull the mask down (It’s allowable to lift and pull the mask at any time if not used.)


B :Step of Taking off

l 1 Lift the mask

l 2 Untie the front of the lead coat and skirt

l 3 Take off the protective clothing sideways

l 4 Close the front of the lead coat and skirt

l 5 Place the walk-supporting device in the designated area


4.How to Install

l 1. The installation of Walk-Supporting X-ray Protective Clothing is very convenient. Unwarp the packing box, take out of the upper supporting body and the lower one, insert the two vertical rods on the upper support body into the two straight pipes on the pitching loop, tighten the screws and hang the damped wire on the pitching loop.

l 2. Put the coat on the upper supporting body. (Pay attention to align the shoulder seam line with the protective cap vertical line.)